Children who complete Garrett’s Way kindergarten consistently perform above average upon entering first grade. Our experienced and highly trained staff is dedicated to enhancing academic readiness for the next level in your child’s academic career.

The Garrett’s Way kindergarten program is licensed by the Pennsylvania State Board of Private Academic Schools.


DSC06965_kindergartenOur curriculum emphasizes skills in letter and number recognition, literacy and reading comprehension, writing, and mathematics. Other subjects include science, social studies, and health and safety.

Children also participate in many outdoor activities, including physical education. No nap time gives us more time for exploration and learning

Learning Centers

Kindergarteners benefit from fun and engaging learning centers that include more advanced tools, from magnets and magnifying glasses to intellectually challenging toys and games. All of these activities give your child a more fine-tuned grasp of concepts, along with greater creativity and problem solving ability.

Good Habits and Leadership Development

In addition, Garrett’s Way kindergarteners get to serve as role models for the younger children in our pre-k and infant/toddler programs. This helps them to develop positive behavioral habits and leadership skills that will benefit them as they move through their academic careers.

Basic Information