2018 Camp Garrett Tuition

Camper Session
Camper Tuition
LIT SessionLIT Tuition
5-Day Rate
(9 AM – 4 PM)
2-Week LIT Session
3-Day Rate
(9 AM – 4 PM)
Non-LIT Week
2-Day Rate
(9 AM – 4 PM)

Other Fees

Registration Fee
$50 per camper
Extended AM Care
(7 AM – 9 AM)
$6 per day
Extended PM Care
(4 PM – 6 PM)
$6 per day
Late Pick-Up Fee
$1 each minute after 6:05 PM
Insufficient Funds Fee
$20.00 for each returned check or bounced payment

20% off tuition for 4 or more weeks if registered before Friday, February 16th. Must be paid in full or submitted with Electronic Funds Authorization Form to qualify. 

Free Registration if registered before Saturday, April 21st. $50 value.

Promotions cannot be combined with other offers. 20% off does not apply to Extended AM or Extended PM Care.

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5% Sibling Discount off tuition for each additional sibling.

10% SAP Employee Discount off tuition with written proof of employment with SAP.

Discounts cannot be combined with each other, or any other offer. Does not apply to Extended AM or Extended PM Care.

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Financial Assistance

Garrett Williamson provides need-based scholarships to families who qualify. A separate application must be completed in order to be considered. All documents must be submitted to Camp Garrett and approved by Friday, April 27th.

Cannot be combined with other offers. Approved scholarship discounts will apply to all camp fees.

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